Outside The Lines

Outside The Lines

Childhood is more fun when you're allowed to go outside the lines. The exciting new childrenswear line from Philippa Cleote and Kate Please is created for little girls who like to express their creativity and style./p>

Outside The Lines provides feminine and comfortable for kids, made from high quality materials that last. Whimsical, muted colours adorn their collections, creating the perfect palette for a child's wardrobe.

After both having spent many a year working for some of the biggest British High Street stores, Cleote & Please were quick to identify just what the children's fashionsphere was lacking. Adorable, yet affordable girls-wear that is playful, expressive and washing-machine durable!

Outside The Lines brings makes every 'getting ready' routine a fun experience for kids and adults alike! The brand caters to little girls from the age of 3-10, creating dresses, tshirts jeans and more in bright and playful colours, prints and ruffles! Ensure that the key items in your child's wardrobes are not only their favourite pieces, but also the most comfortable and stylish ones. Check out the cute and well made accessories by Outside The Lines to accompany the sweet clothing pieces!

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