From a rustic cow shed in the heart of the Somerset countryside to an award-winning beauty brand with spas around the world, Cowshed offers treats to suit each and every one of your whims. Whether you’re a grumpy, lazy or knackered cow, there’s a product for you.

Founded by Nick Jones, it was in a cow shed in Somerset in 1998, that this exquisite label was born starting with a simple mission: to inject a little bit of countryside calm into people's busy lives. From humble beginnings as a quirky alternative to traditional spas, Cowshed exploded in popularity and expanded, opening spas in Berlin, Miami, London and New York.

Following the success of their spas, their creators wanted to rejuvenate the spa experience to make it more accessible for those wishing to recreate a spa-like atmosphere from the comfort of their own home. This led to the launch of the Cowshed line of products that includes make-up, skincare, deodorants, hand washes and shower gels, all of which you can shop on BrandAlley for less.

While some of their orginal products’ names may have changed and their packaging now looks better (and is more sustainable) than ever, Cowshed’s core values still always remain the same. At the heart of the brand is the belief in making honest, natural products that offer genuine, therapeutic benefits to make a positive difference to your wellbeing.

Cowshed categorise their premium skin and bodycare products into several “moods” which aim to work things out for the customer, no matter what their lifestyle throws at them. Formulated with wildcrafted plant extracts and essential oils, these ‘Moods’ are named after the benefits their ingredients provide and how they make you feel.

If you’re exhausted and burnt out after a long week at work, the calming Lavender and uplifting Eucalyptus in their best-selling ‘Relax’ range is a must-have. The herbaceous blend helps you to slow down and unwind, the Lavender helps restore harmony while the Eucalyptus works to clarify the mind. Or, If you’re feeling stressed and irritable, try ‘Replenish’ to banish the blues while also doing wonders for your skin and hair. This zesty citrus blend is bound to lift your spirits; Red Mandarin sharpens the senses while the Bitter Orange and Grapefruit help focus the mind. Whatever your mood, Cowshed has a full range of products for you.

These moods all turn up in perfectly-formulated products, from shampoo, moisturiser and hand cream, to candles and room sprays. Find these premium British spa products in our sales, and treat yourself or somebody else to an at-home spa experience with discounted BrandAlley x Cowshed beauty products.